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Migrating content from Drupal

Hey, I am working for a public media client and they have over 14000 articles that they want to have on their website (most of it in an archive, but still on the website). Their current solution is a custom Drupal CMS. We might be able to get all the data out in the form of a large dump.

I’d like to use webflow because of its excellent Author Experience and ease of design with minimal development costs. However, I don’t know if webflow can handle that many stories (their CMS isn’t easy to use for high scale) and if I can migrate the stories from Drupal.

Can we have a migration assistant built in ? And can we have a better interface for websites with large amount of content?

Current limits are listed here ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

People will start creating migration scripts, once Webflow releases their APIs. There is no definite timeline, but it should be by next year. The only way to do it currently is manual entry. What you can do to reduce time, is have multple collaborators input the posts concurrently.