How to transfer a website together with a cms

Please tell me if you bought a blog template. There is a cms in this blog. How can I transfer the pages of this blog to my site so that the cms settings are preserved? Or how to transfer a page from cms to your site? Thanks for the answer!

Hi Stanisleev,

Unfortunately Webflow does not provide great facility to transfer data or pages between sites. You can copy and paste elements between sites, but often styles are dropped and classes are renamed to avoid conflicts with the new site’s classes. Collection Lists will also be unbound- but the element structure will be cloned ok.

For CMS content, your main option is to download the content you want as CSV’s and then upload it into your other site.

Yes, there’s a fair bit of manual work it that, but it’s what we’ve got. So ultimately, you’ll be merging in bits of your site piecemeal, and then re-connecting your collection lists to your collections.

Not ideal, and particularly challenging if you’re in a production environment where the CMS is changing rapidly.

If you have a lot of data, there are some paid third party tools out there you may be able to find, which could help a lot with that CMS data migration. Maybe check out Whalesync or Power Importer? I’ve not used them but both seem promising.

Meanwhile, these may help;

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