Can WebFlow handle website with 1000 pages?

Just want to know if WebFlow can handle big blogs with a lot of articles? We wanted to migrate our website with 300+ blogposts to Webflow. Does anyone know if there any limits for content? And can webflow engine and cms handle a lot of pages also providing good optimization (90+ for google speed test)?

Webflow supports up to 100 pages. The CMS provides support for 2k-10k items where a blog post would be one.

See plans → Plans & pricing | Webflow

As for functionality that is clearly provided in the Webflow University.

There are limits and many of them are listed in this post. ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

I can’t attest to that as current since I am not the maintainer.

If I was coming from WP I would spend some time understanding the rich text editor and its limitations against the WP block editor. They are not equivalent. The other thing you can’t do is have unique templates for posts. WF only supports one template per collection. People try to overcome that by using conditionals but the conditional content is just hidden and still present in the load. Another area that is currently weak is responsive images inside collection item rich text fields as that is not currently supported as it is on pages.

I have lots of WP experience and personally prefer it over WF for blogging. You might feel different when you are done evaluating it.

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I am so slowly realizing how intense these limitations are… I’m on CMS so 150 pages max. I have daily CMS template blogs and was just contemplating scaling up one of the other collections. IDK why I thought 500 static pages was the max…

Regardless it feels like this is logic-less when you can have SO MANY collection entries.

Clearly this platform is not made for blogging and I’m realizing I’m going to have to move before the year is over.

It is such a complex numbers game trying to scale and monetize at the same time. I’m in no place to be planning a year ahead to be paying more. Which means my only option is leaving Webflow?

I went WF instead of WP because of design capabilities being core to my business plan and strategy. I’m not regretting it yet because it wasn’t until in the past few months that there have been many other no-code solutions.

AYE my head.

I’m only looking into all of this because Google isn’t indexing the daily content fast enough for it to be relevant. The weekly relevant content is okay. So I was calculating breaking down my dynamic pages into static and I would just break 4,000 static pages in one year.

Tech capabilities right now and tech services out there DO NOT EQUATE yet. And IDK what to do.