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Mi Bemol Gourmet... new site!

Hi there!

In the last time, i been working hard on webflow, and here is another creation i made:

This site don’t have a mobile version, because the owner don’t want it. but as always it has a lot of functions like popups, tooltips, multi level modals, custom dropdowns, etc.

Here are the pages:

Cheers and have alot of fun!!!


@Jaime Very nice website. Great job! But… I can’t afford the prices… :smile: jk.

Great job again.

Now I’m hungry! So I think that’s a successful website :smiley:

lol @pastiwibawa that prices are in Chilean pesos, 10.000 pesos = 22 dollars aprox. :smile: Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for your reply @vincent :wink:

Great work! What editor are you using for the shopping cart? That’s not in webflow, right?

Wow. Very nice. Clean, attractive design.

@angela all the stuff you saw was made completely in webflow :wink:

Here is the public link:

I’m really impressed. I was having some problems adding/removing items from the shopping cart. Is this a fully functional e-commerce site or is it just a prototype? I didn’t realize you can do e-commerce with Webflow.

@angela this website is only a prototype, ready to be programed. If you want to add stuff like e-commerce you need to add extra code to the project. Webflow accept extra code, but the result may be not you expect. So i recommend to you, try to add foreign code to your webflow project, or ask for help to a proffessional programmer.

@Jaime Oh, this makes sense now. How are you finding Webflow compared to other prototyping tools you’ve use? I’m very new to web design, only started tinkering around the past 3 months, so trying to explore all the options out there. So far, I think Webflow is great. But they do need to keep adding features.

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@angela Webflow is the best and only tool to create responsives Website and inbrowser design.

@gosselin07 nice to hear that I’m investing time in something great. Are you a developer?

No, i’m a designer not a developer.

@angela Webflow is the best tool to make websites ready to be programmed, without junk code. This last thing is something amazing, because there is no other app, like muse or dreamweaver, cappable to do that webflow do. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, but is you want to make something really cool you must to add functionallity, and add some code, manually. That is :wink:

I think it’s great that the team at Webflow is coming up with a better product than Adobe! I’m curious what numbers webflow’s user base is to date.