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Merging publish from main admin


I would like to be able to work inside the main-admin and press publish without overwriting changes that my client is doing through his content editor login.


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Anyone having the same issue?

I have erased my clients edits 3 times now. We had to impement a routine where we are not logged in and working on the site at the same time.

Would really like to have a publish-function which just pushes the edits. Not the whole site and therefore overwrites everything with what I have in my cashed version in my browser.


I’m having the same issue. My designer and I can’t both be editing at the same time, or we overwrite each other’s changes.

For us, it almost defeats the purpose of having a content editor role. (I can see how it’s important for people letting clients make changes, though.)

Hey @Elizabeth_Crouch & @Tomas_Coox at this time it’s not possible to be editing a Webflow site from the Designer & the On Page Editor/CMS Panel simultaneously.

My recommendation would be to setup time blocks for when Design changes are made vs. when Content changes are made so as to avoid over-writing content work. Please let me know if this helps :smile:

Yes, that was what I did with my client. Worked but somewhat cumbersome during the design/build phase.