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Is there a Synchronisation between Designer and Editor while both being used at the same time?

I have made my first webflow site live today. And I have guided my client how to update the site. But how about synchronization? My client is working at high pressure to change text images and so on… At the same time, I also have to do some different things on the site. So how is this synchronize when I work, and my client also work? Thank you so much for your help!

I am pretty sure designer rules and the answer in the linked topic has not changed.

is it terrible, though? - or?

  • so, what do you do? I need to update different things in the CMS and also make some SEO.

Unfortunately this is a limitation that you cannot overcome. Just make sure to work in shifts so to speak with your client .

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Yeah I haven’t heard about an update/fix, so I assume this is still an issue.

At present I try to be in my client’s Slack channel and warn them I’m going into the Designer at least an hour — and usually a day — before doing any changes to their site. That way they can be sure to be out of Editor while I’m working. When I’m done, I give them an “All clear” message.

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