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Menu href is not pointing to the correct file AGAIN

I cannot provide a public link.

This is a previous issue that was fixed. It is back.

Example of Error:

Menu HREF points to

setup-admin is the name of the page I created… in the admin folder.

This is where the error is created.
I later changed the file name and moved the folder to a new folder.

New file name: amenities
New folder name: admin/setup/

The menu HREF is now suppose to point to

When you export the site and review the HREF…
it points to the correct location:

So this is basically a Visual Issue within the Designer.

Duplicating the site and hoping for a data cleanse / re-org… does not fix the error.

This tells me… the Designer
(which displays the incorrect HREF - but correctly loads the incorrect HREF)
reads data from a different location in the Project Database…
than does the (Left-SIde) Pages / Edit Page Details option which points to the correct file.

And that the location the menu HREF reads from does not always get updated.

Notice it’s:
File name: amenities
Folder name: admin/setup/

This is the file the above HREF opens:

Notice also - that my META Title is Setup (Admin) which I didn’t change when I renamed the name and move it into the new folder.

With the title of Setup (Admin)… the default file name would have been setup-admin… which was located in the admin folder

hence… /admin/setup-admin

Renaming the page name doesn’t change exported code. You need to rename the slug and SEO Meta Title as well.

If you notice…

  • (left image) the parent folder dropdown covers the page name and slug.
  • but the slug is visible in the path.

I closed the parent folder dropdown on the right image.

This post was meant to re-identify a known and previously corrected bug.

As for the meta tags

I don’t really care about the meta info. It will be dynamically changed at run-time.

Webflow is being used for screen design. The bulk of the code is php / angularjs with mysql for the db.

Include: @cyberdave, @PixelGeek

Hi @Revolution, thanks for the report, could you PM me the site link? Thanks!

After replying to @samliew … and seeing your response…

I started to setup a link for you.

— and realized. The correct url was now being displayed in the status bar.

I worked on this issue for about 7 hours yesterday… up until 11pm.

Around 8am or so is when you replied - and the problem literally disappeared ?.. without me changing anything ?

[ @cyberdave I tried to move this message to reply directly to you… but disquis would not let me]

Hi @Revolution, hmm, sounds strange, if the issue reproduces itself, let me know, I will jump in and take a look !

Thanks in advance (as always you are a true champion of finding the hard to find issues) :slight_smile:

Here’s the issue again.


This is client project with termination consequences for breaking client privacy.

I am being paid to create this project and keep my mouth shut.

@cyberdave, @thewonglv, @webflow, @thesergie

I’ve been working on this site (today) for the past 5 hours with no issues.

I needed to reorganize a few things.

I had a link pointing to a page name “votes-missed”

I changed the page name to “votes-closed”… then all hay-wire broke loose.

In Preview… (the Designer remembers the old file name) ----> Mouse Over link shows page as “votes-missed” - (the old page name)

When Published or Exported… mouse over link shows pages as “votes-closed”… (the new page name)



Today. I exported the site… notice it created the file “AUTUMN-***”.

I opened the “AUTUMN-***” file - then decided to export the site AGAIN… so see what name gave me.

And this time it used the CURRENT project name of “ACTIV****

I retrieved the file info for both zips files.

Checking the code in the export file - it has the correct file name

Exiting and reloading the project again - fixed the file name issue in PREVIEW.

Why does it keep remember old names.

And why does the problem come and go.

This doesn’t affect the Export (except today when I noticed the incorrect file name)…
but that’s not a huge issue. It doesn’t stop me from doing my work.

It is however… a bit irritating.

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