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"Toggle menu" not working anymore. No changes made. Help webflow team!

The toggle of this page that always worked stopped working suddenly. I’m sure I haven’t made any changes. When you press on the toggle instead of opening the subpage with the information, videos or other, the page suddenly returns to the top menu.


ORIGINAL TOGGLE MENU that is now not working too.

In live preview of the editor it works properly, when I upload the site no longer works even if I try the link on different browser.

Help please :slightly_frowning_face:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

There’s an ongoing but impacting unfolding intreractions that were previously working fine before. Doesn’t impact all of them. Rather the one crafted a while ago.

I’m waiting for priority support answers too.

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I have the same issue (Before 10 minutes). I do VS (The original dropdown VS my dropdown).

In your dropdown (Like mine) - you use <a> tag with empty href=""

<a href="" class="toggle-header-2 with-line w-inline-block w-clearfix"><h2 class="toggle-title">info-pdf</h2><div class="toggle-icon"></div></a>

In the original webflow dropdown widget no <a> for the toggle button.

<div class="w-dropdown-toggle"><div class="w-icon-dropdown-toggle"></div><div>Dropdown</div></div>

I dont know why only today the bug happens - but remove the <a> and use regular div/text - should solve the problem.

option 2

Use “#” for url


@vincent - the bug (100%) - when you put <a> link with empty url - the dropdown stop working


Thanks, but this is a problem that occurred for some change made by Webflow that I hope they will solve as soon as possible. On this site I have a lot of toggle menus that have become suddenly not working.

Ok. Still you use empty href (I inspect your code). So add “#” and update.

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I tried to add the # as you suggested and it actually works for a toggle menu, but if I have to stay and do it for about 100 menus in the multilingual site, I go crazy. Something they did has changed this thing, I really hope it will be resolved soon.

Added # in the first two toggle and it works…

Yes, you right. This is why I tell @vincent about this issue.

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Very kind, I really appreciate your help and thank you again.


Hi Ezra, you always have a sharp eye, thanks for helping.

Your solution indeed works. And using blank links for trigger elements was a choice to begin with. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad one actually, for accessibility, declaring them as links allows for screen reader to focus on them and perform an action).

Now, the problem occured after, most likely, Webflow changes. And the problem only appears on published sites, not in the designer. So I would prefer not to have to fix my sites, but for Webflow to fix it on their side. Having to review all the published site is a long task that I hadn’t planned to spend today.


I really hope that the stuff of webflow will fix this problem as soon as possible, having to add a “#” to each menu would be a very long thing that would waste a lot of time, better to solve the root of the problem.

We are experiencing the same bug as well. Critical!
All our tablet and mobile menus on client sites are affected.

Waiting for the Webflow staff to fix this… :cold_sweat:

I have the same issue here as well.
Any news from @webflow??

Same issue here! Would like @webflow to look into this.

Same issue here.

Webflow needs to fix this ASAP. Otherwise I’ll have to go through every page of every site that I’ve ever built to resolve every place that this issue presents itself - and that could take days!

@Brando @PixelGeek

To give you more input on this:
We experimented a similar issue on our website today but I was using button without href defined.
Previously, it seems that WF (at publish time) dynamically added a “# “on the href attribute (<a href=”#”) but starting today we got empty href sush as (<a href class=…. )
So when the user clicks it reloads the page. We patched manually all our links but I wanted to know if webflow was planning on reverting or fixing the issue?


I’m having the same issue. Not sure what’s causing this as I have not changed anything. Check your ebook chapter navigation for the same issue!

Please see this video for my issue. Menu works, but the “let’s chat” interaction to show the contact form is not.

I used “#” as the link destination and it has resolved my issues.


It does work indeed but can be cumbersome for many links.

Im working on a temporary solution in custom code for targeting all links and if the href is empty add the # instead.

Any JavaScript ninja out there to help out for a temporary fix @samliew? @Siton_Systems?

I also noticed that many of my interactions on first click became on second click ones and couldn’t figure out why…

Hopefully a fix will be addressed very shortly…

@Maximosaurus, you can use the following JS code on your header website/webpage.
(Note : it will not work for content loaded dynamically on the DOM, such as hidden content on WF)

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("a[href='']").attr("href", "#");



Thank you for this. I’ll try it out. Is it not better to put that in footer code?