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Href link to page become href="#" when exporting the code

Hi (and sorry for the mistakes in English)

I’m experiencing some issues when I export the code. This bug comes randomly (sadly). I think it happens to links that point to pages which I changed the name (not the slug, as I had a similar issue with an other project where I changed the name and the slug, but I’m not sure).
I can see it as well when I publish it :
When you’re at the bottom on the page, click on the bottom arrow. (in the div class=”next”)
The part “MÉTHODOLOGIE” should point to

Thank you very .

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for posting about this — this is definitely weird behavior.

I tested on this end and it works in the preview link but not on the live site.

Can you please try deleting this link then recreating it? Then publish and test the live site to see if this helps?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi Brando,

Thanks for the reply.

I did what you asked. Here’s the new link

The previous link is OK, but in this page ;
if you scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the link “DATA LA POSTE” you can see that the link is href="#" (which is not the case in the designer)

As I said, it seems to be random. Most of the time it appears in this div class=“next”. But not only, it appears in some other part of the site sometimes.

I really need your help to figure this out, because, even if I’m a huge fan of your product, that bug (which I had in an other project as well) makes me lost confidence in what I can deliver to my clients.

I don’t know if the fact that I changed the name of the pages that are linked to is something that could help you.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @leyumyum

Thanks for letting me know. Definitely weird behavior — if you recreate all affected links does this resolve the issue for you?


I didn’t recreate my links, BUT I was working on an other projet (duplicate a page, upload picture, and modify an other page), and have the same issue with it !!!

on the first page, the button “Voir la présentation” has href="#" and that’s not the case in the designer! I did not modify that page.
Please you really have to take a look at my problem, because now I definitely can’t do any more work on my projects, because of the risk of having link that would not work anymore…

Hope I get an answer form you very soon.


I forget to say that those projects where dupplicated (if it can help to track my bug)

I made some tests, have the same issue on safari on an other computer.
And now I’m 90% sure that the bug happends with dupplicate site.
This one seems to works

but when I dupplicate it and publish the dupplicated version
doesn’t. In the page “courses”, at the bottom the part “Voir les institutions” has the href="#" (

Sorry for the flood of post, but now I’m 100% sure the bug comes with the dupplication.
made this
couldn’t be simplier. One page, inside one button link to the home page, no css done
here’s the version dupplicated
and the link goes href="#"

Thanks very much for these details @leyumyum

I’ll get this reported to our engineers right away and continue the investigation.

We’ll post back here when we have more details


We have a fix going out for this now.

It should be live in the next couple of hours :tada:

Thanks for your help in getting this reported.

You guys rock ! :slight_smile:
I’ll check that when it’s live.
Love how you are fast to resolve problem !

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Hey !
I tried to publish again my test project, and it still didn’t work.
Appently no change have been made.
Did you make the fix live or you don’t have a fix yet ?

Hi @leyumyum

Can you please try these steps:

  1. Go to the home page page of your project
  2. Press CMD+S (Ctrl on Windows)
  3. Once you see the green save icon at the top, switch to your next static page
  4. Rinse and repeat for all static pages
  5. Publish

This should fix any links that are still broken.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your confirmation.

Hi Brando,

Yes it seems to work. Apparently it was corrected as well when I dupplicate again the project: the new project didn’t have the issue.
Thank you very much for your responsiveness !


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