Memberstack vs Outseta vs Monto vs others. What are the features and fees?

Hello, I am looking at different options to add to my subscription based website.

The website involves users downloading a PC client where their subscription is their license and verified on the Client side using Stripe API.

I want the following specific features for myself and users:

  • Ability to cancel, or switch to monthly/annual subscription on my site.
  • The download can coincide with a purchase instead of me freely having the download link available (saving bandwidth)
  • Commission based promos, as I like to give influencers their own codes. Can payout to them be automated?
  • and other basics like general promo codes, analytics, email reminders to purchase, etc.

Lastly how are the fees looking. Must we still pay 1% to Workflow if we are using these tools?
What would result in the the lowest fees by transaction. I don;t intend to have more than 1k users.

I am open to all suggestions that work with webflow, thanks!

after doing some research, only monto offers built in affiliate marketing. The other two you need a 3rd party tool, none are free. Any other relevant alternatives or differences?