Memberstack alternatives for membership integration into Webflow Website

I’ve started and completed integration of Membestack into our Webflow website. I choose Memberstack without considering other options just because there is lots of documentation and tutorials on integrating Memberstack with Webflow. However, 2 huge deal breakers came out:

  1. Memberstack only works with stripe, no Paypal.
  2. Sending new signed users to their unique page right after signing up does not work and there is no working work around (I’ve checked many topics about this and live websites who claim found solution, but actually it doesn’t work, after signing up I get directed to 404 page and as potential customer I might leave the website)

Connecting Webflow with Mememberstack looks like a dream on Youtube tutorials - easy, simple, trustworthy. Maybe it’s good to play around or build MVP to showcase or something, but in real life situation, for the websites that are built to be marketed heavily via pay-per-click ads and so on - this is not good solution due to incompleteness.

Those two “details” actually are huge problems in my case. So wondering if any of you use any other alternative to integrate member management system into webflow.

@Dovydas_Sidabras Thanks for the sharing! I too about to use Memberstack. Hope someone leave a good alternative here.

Hey there :wave: I totally agree those 2 things are super important. Let me see if I can help.

  1. I can’t help with this one :disappointed: Paypal is on the roadmap, but there’s no ETA.
  2. This one I can help with. If you want users to get access to their specific page right after signup, you’re going to need to add a “staging” page. This page could say something like “We’re generating your account now. Please check your email for a link to your dashboard.” Zapier is usually pretty quick, but it can take up to 15 minutes to process any zap. Once the Memberstack → Zap is fired you can trigger an email with a login link. So the entire zap will look something like Signup → Create CMS item → Update Memberstack (optional depending on your setup) → Send email.

Does that make sense?

Well I had built my website and it is ready to go live but I can’t subscribe to any monthly plan with memberstack! I have built a bug report last week and until now I did not get any reply :slight_smile:

@DuncanHamra, please check this issue out. I just want to be able to subscribe with you guys to publish my memberships

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