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Hi - I am trying to build a site to test if I can use both memberstack and user accounts. I want memberstack to manage subscriptions and memberships. But I want to have members as user accounts with access groups to get server side gated content rather than the JS hidden content via memberstack. At this point I am just trying to get passwordless login via memberstack to work and allow access to webflow gated page. It seems like webflow user accounts and memberstack are just not going to work together at all. Maybe the memberstack JS and user accounts are in conflict.

The other reason I am attempting to stitch this together is that I want SSO to a private Discourse community and Memberstack supports OpenID connect SSO.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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With that you’ve described, no, it’s not going to work together unfortunately.

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Adding a bit to Chris’s answer, the central point of failure here is that Webflow’s authentication can only happen via a client-side login, and only the user knows the password. Since there is no way for you to set that password, there in no way to log-in on behalf of the user, thus no way to “connect” a Memberstack login to User Accounts auth & gating.

What you might look into is centralize everything on Memberstack, and see if you can get SSO to work with Discourse. Then for your gated content, you could retrieve it via script against a back-end database. That gives you effectively the same level of security that server-side gating would.

If you’re planning to go far down the road of SSO and user-specific data, look at Wized, and it combines all of those features into a single framework.

Thanks @ChrisDrit and @memetican

I was expecting that answer - thanks. for confirming. I suppose I can use Memberstack + Webflow for a pilot test including the Discourse SSO. But that’s not really going to work longer term. I can understand why Webflow would slow down / pause work on User Accounts but it’s too bad Webflow does not support SSO. User Accounts are half baked. Memberstack is great if you don’t care too much about content security, which is fine for their target customer base. It seems like Webflow made a strategic blunder to go down the “memberships” path for such a long time when they could have just focused making authentication/ custom oauth/SSO work and worked with other vendors on authorization, memberships etc… Webflow could just acquire Memberstack and do a proper integration. Or maybe this member thing is just not worth it for the money. Webflow needs to focus on the features to move up market but I think that would need to include working on things like integration with identity access management. I guess I am just surprised they apparently spent years working on memberships and still don’t have SSO and users working.

I think I can do Memberstack + Discourse for the MVP/pilot but I will look at Wized. I am aware of it but have not looked at it yet. I am realizing I am going to need something like Wized or even to build the backend on something like Supabase… I’m going to need engineering help.

I’m not sure what two different logins would give you, since users would have to register twice, log in twice, and there would be no connection between the two accounts.

But def pilot what you think might work, it’s a great way to learn.

Indications are that Webflow is moving in this direction now. Check out the new Memberstack apps integration, it may have content security capabilities that exceed the traditional JS-only Memberstack install. If not yet, then hopefully soon.

You’re overthinking it.

Use Memberstack’s “server side gated content” instead of just hiding it. Then use their SSO solution to integrate Discourse logins.

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I can confirm that Memberstack does have a server-side gated content feature now - check it out here → Hosted Content for Webflow

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That’s not limited to the Webflow app integration, either :wink:

Thanks @Julian_Galluzzo @ChrisDrit @memetican Super helpful! I was not aware of that new feature.

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