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MemberStack and Pricing Question

I understand that Memberstack is the main platform Webflow users use for membership features as Webflow does not have built-in membership features. I have been trying to contact Memberstack but like many companies nowadays, they make it difficult for people to contact them without being a customer, which seems insane to me. But what do I know.

Anyway, I am interested in their product, although I have some security concerns, it looks like a polished product on first impressions. The pricing seems okay. However, it says on the pricing page “All plans are FREE until your site is ready to go live”. I need them to clarify this for me. I am building multiple sites that will all have membership features. On one website, I don’t plan to launch it for some time. So, I won’t make it public for at least 2-3 months. However, I would like to set everything up now with memberstack. I want to know, how will they be able to know if I have gone live and to start charging me? I know they will know via new memberships. But I will be testing, so I will add memberships to test.

Basically, I don’t want to start paying for memberstack until I am ready to open it to the public.

Please help if you know the answer. Thanks.

I’ve pinged @Naitik_Mehta who is active here on the forum and a part of the Memberstack team—hopefully they can clarify things a bit or direct you to one of their support channels :+1:

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Much like Webflow, when you want to go live you toggle on a “publish” button. Until then you can set most everything up, have members join, etc… They have a forum where you could probably get quicker replies for this sort of questioning…

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Thank you Chris. I’ll give Memberflow a try. I hope it’s as good as everyone says.

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It’s a free signup, you don’t pay until you publish so no harm in giving them a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. So, if I want to integrate Memberstack do I HAVE TO be on an ecommerce plan? I understood or got the impression that I could just be on a CMS or Basic plan since Memberstack is doing all the ecommerce/heavy lifting!

Thanks for the tag, @mikeyevin! Happy to help - Ryan.

Thanks for this feedback! I added another callout on our pricing page with more options to reach us via the community or email. :slight_smile: Hopefully that makes it easier to reach us!

Regarding pricing & testing — you can use Memberstack for free in ‘trial mode’ for adding test members. When you’re ready to accept members, you can pay for a specific website which will allow real members to sign-up. Our pricing is per website, so for multiple websites, you would pay separately depending on the plan you’d like for each one.

^ Yes, this is exactly how you’ll get to use it. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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Regarding E-commerce plan — you don’t need to be on the E-Commerce plan if you’re using Memberstack for subscriptions and one-time payments. Memberstack will handle that directly. You will need to select the right Webflow plan based on your other website needs (eg: Member-specific pages need a CMS plan), but the base Memberstack layer works with any paid Webflow plan.

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Thanks Naitik, thats very helpful :slight_smile:

Basically, regading getting in touch with you guys issue. I joined the forum. Then I couldn’t login in to forum because I got an alert to say the forum has moved to a new forum site. And the new forum site could only be accessed if you are a member. Hence why I got frustrated. But I understand, and this definitely helps. So, thank you.

This great new. Thank you. I am trying to move a few sites from WP to WF, so it will make a difference.

I am looking at Memberspace as I didn’t see enough features I needed from Memberstack even though it has been heavily recommended by Webflow users. It’s compatible with Webflow, wonder has anyone used Memberspace?

I have used Memberspace with Squarespace. It was okay. But in the end I found a lot of the features frustrating. But I haf different plans then.

How long ago did you use Memberspace, Memberstack seems more suited to Webflow. My client wants to see what content the users are engaging with and be able to split the fees into 3 installments which doesn’t look like Memberstack can do.

You are right. When I got introduced Webflow, the main membership integration that I heard everyone talk about is Memberstack. I am not a customer of Memberstack, but I do plan to sign up for 1/2 of my sites, just been busy. However, based on first impressions, the pricing on MemberStack is so much better (I could be wrong), and it also seems a bit more polished. Initially I thought Memberstack was a company that only worked with Webflow, however, I have since found out they integrate with almost every website buildder.

I used MemberSpace about 4-5 years ago I think. I remember I paid £100 a month. It was a lot. Back then if you were on any lower plan, you had to suffer their branding on your website. I find that distracting for customers. I noticed that now starts at $50 a month. Probably competition has forced them. Don’t misunderstand me. I think its okay product. Some people used to love it as they were the only show in town when it came to Squarespace membership back then.

What are the features that are missing on Memberstack that you need. I am curious because it could help me. Thanks

I saw Memberspace has $25 option. My client wants to be able to charge in 2-3 payments and it doesn’t look like Memberstack does that. And I wasn’t really sure if you can see what content your users engaging with in Memberstack. I am still not sure which one to go with right now. It seems like Memberspace has more features like
Abandoned Signups
Automated Upsells
Cancelation Alternatives
Payment Options-Charge your members a recurring (e.g. $99/month), multiple (e.g. 3 payments of $100), one-time, or free payment.
Member Analytics-View activity timelines for every member login, content view, and download plus sign up trends across time periods.

But maybe the features aren’t that polished, not sure.

Yes, they do have lower pricing plans now. It’s not a permanent decision, so your client can try both and see which they prefer. They both seem good, so let them choose.