Membership Upvote in Webflow

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone could help me figure out a way or let me know if its possible to create a web flow membership upvote page. I know upvotes on Webflow are possible, but I am looking to see if members can sign in and create a post with their custom text and an image and be able to have that post upvoted. Very similar to Reddit, but on a much smaller scale.

Hi @Helix_Media

That’ll be challenging. Webflow Memberships is not at a point (yet) where it’s able to do that, unless you’re willing to integrate a few other services and do some work glueing it together yourself.

Memberships is really focused on gating content, versus layering functionality on top of it.

Memberstack would much more easily allow you to do what you are asking for.

Hope that helps!

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You’ll need to mix a few solutions together; will give you the ability to do likes/favorites/upvotes on specific CMS items, and to increment & track that number in the CMS for display.

Sygnal Attributes will give you the ability to have a unique, reliable ID for the currently logged-in Membership user. We’re releasing that this week.

You’ll probably need a small bit of script to tie the two together the way you want, so that e.g. the upvotes are connected to the current user.

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I would be willing to combine any other resource to achieve this. I just dont know much about coding, but yeah id be willing to try other services to achieve this.

Do you think this process could also allow users to submit photos to be upvoted? The project i am working on would be a monthly submission page where users could submit their artwork and have it upvoted by the community. Also I have basically no coding experience. Do you happen to have any idea where i could start to hire or work with someone to help me achieve the tie in code you were talking about?

If you are OK with some creativity on the stack then yes. I usually do file uploads like medical referral forms separately from Webflow, since Logic doesn’t yet have the ability to receive and CMS-store file content.

My team can help with that, it’s what we do.
Note that we lean more towards the programming and automations side, than the design-studio side, so it would be ideal if you are already planning to design your site inhouse and just need the programming work.

PM me if you’re interested, I’ll send you details.

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Yea, a good approach for the non-coder is the venerable Jetboost.

They have a feature called CMS Item Favoriting.

This is the specific power up you’d need:

There is also Ben Parker’s classic video on setting this up, which I believe he may have recently updated (if you search around).

For the Jetboost solution, you don’t need to worry about associating a logged in user to the upvote, they handle that for you in their own custom way.

  • With Webflow Memberships you, you can have users sign in, that’s simple.

  • They can submit a form and create a dedicated post page with whatever they submitted (image & text). This isn’t too much effort and doesn’t require any coding.

  • They can have that post page upvoted via Jetboost. Again, not much to this, no coding.

Depending upon what mean by this, it could get a bit tricker.

I’m assuming you mean a listing page, like Reddit has, where you can upvote an individual item in the list, and then click into it and view the post.

You’d have to do some research on the Collection List Element and understand if you could add Jetboost favoriting to it. You’d need that upvote associated to the CMS item within the list displayed.

If you can do that (Jetboost support could help you here), then you may be able to wire it all together without any coding.

Happy to dig deeper if any of this interests you.

Hope that helps!

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Hey Chris, thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the time you took to help me with this problem. I also included in this reply an image of the project i am working on. Honestly I kinda see how the three solutions that you provided could work, but i guess i am having trouble figuring out how they would all get connected. Also, i recently heard about the service [Wized by Fin Sweet, some people on another forum told me that it could accomplish this task, but i have no idea.

Thank you Michael for all of your help. I’ll defiantly reach out if i cannot figure out a way to accomplish this myself. I’ll also keep you in my contacts for other data-heavy projects as well. I attached an image with the project page i am designing. Also, I was wondering if you have heard of [Wized and if it’s something that can accomplish this in your opinion. Thanks a


Wized isn’t public yet, and I’ve not deeply explored how it could integrate with Webflow memberships. You can think of it as a UX data & development layer on top of Webflow that enables you to build basic applications.

For data, a lot of people use Xano, data storage & serverless functions, or Airtable, so that Webflow’s API rate limits aren’t a problem in production.

Yes I think that’s a direction you could go, if you can get access. You’d want to think about where your site is headed and other features you want in the future, to choose the right set of 3rd party services.

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That looks awesome! :clap: Thanks for sharing it.

Makes sense. With Webflow, it’s all very DIY (do it yourself) and if you’re not familiar with it, it can be intimidating.

It’s one of the reasons I created my blog and filled it with a bunch of tutorials.

Wized is great.

They just released a major overhaul to it (version 2) and its fantastic.

Problem is, it’s also very advanced. So far, it’s really been geared towards folks who are trying to wire together all advanced stuff with Webflow, but can’t due to other solutions limitations.

If you’re open to using other services (beyond Webflow Memberships), I would strongly recommend Memberstack.

They are much more beginner friendly and you’ll find a lot of help on this forum for it (including the founder and their support staff).

Here are some screencasts I have using Membership and walking you through it all step-by-step (dig around on the blog, I have a TON more):

For that last tutorial, I created a course site using only Webflow + Memberstack. Here is the demo course site.

Signup with a fake email, click around, and you’ll see that you can very easily add functionality, with user management, on top of Webflow.

Again, there is nothing plug-and-play.

You’ll have a bit of a learning curve.

But Webflow has a vibrant community and if you put in some effort upfront, you’ll learn the skills that can carry you into building most any solution you want :star_struck:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, ill definitely look into it. Would it be able to accomplish the upvote system by any chance?