Help with a Webflow Builds (Similar to

Hello Guys!

I have recently launched my website ( a marketing technology blog. As I truly do love it, I have always wanted to create a website similar to This would allow users who join the website to be able to create and post their own blogs to write freely! I have been looking endlessly on the web trying to find a way to do this. Does webflow provide a feature where this could be doable?

Unfortunately no, not natively on Webflow.

You could work towards gluing a solution together yourself for this, but it’ll be a heavy lift. The next best options, if you want to keep using Webflow, would be to find a 3rd party that you could integrate with Webflow or using something a bit more flexible to manage all of that, like Memberstack or Wized. Both very flexible options.

Sorry there isn’t a better answer for you.

Thank you for your insight. I found a way to allow someone to fill out a rich text form that serves as the blog and webhook it to display on the blog. However, I only want to do this for members. Also create a member dashboard for them to see what they wrote, views and what not. Ill take a look to see if memberstack can create a dyanmic dashboard to be able to do this


Since you’re thinking of the Memberstack route, here are some tutorials I created that do what you’re asking but for blog comments.

You could easily retool them for what you need to do, instead:

That’ll point you in the right direction.

You are amazing! You didn’t have to do this for me! I really appreciate you