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Membership + Shop Questions

Sup guys. Just landed a new project and it has a few sneaky little requirements which are listed below. The client specialises in really niche medical testing.

  • Account logins - the requirements are that only health professionals with certain qualifications are allowed to create an account. They will need to send proof to an admin before an account can be validated.

  • Users with validated accounts are allowed to order medical tests and pay for them through the website.

  • Administrator to upload test results into the users account area.

My initial thoughts are:

  1. User creates a free membership in Memberstack (this then triggers an email to admin via Zapier to notify of a new sign up)

  2. User gets redirected to file form upload page powered by Uploadcare and uploads their certification. Admin checks the documentation, then logs in to memberstack and changes member’s account to “approved”.

  3. User can now access the shop page to order their medical tests. My client however cannot justify paying for Webflow ecommerce. Is there a good solution for this?

  4. I have no idea how an admin would be able to upload results to a user’s account. I think this is better if the results are manually emailed to the user?

If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it!

FYI: If this is a US entity, the data might fall under the HIPAA Security Rule which could affect your choices. I can’t speak for other countries requirements.