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Third Party Database Integrations For Webflow

Hello there,

This is beyond the scope of Webflow, however I would be interested in looking into third party solutions for the dilemma below. My client wants people in the field to be able to login to their individual accounts and be able to update info about medical cases using the kind of fields shown in the illustration. Over the year, the student would initiate the cases which can vary in number and the supervisor would be able to login and critique the data been inputted and do remarks where possible. Has anyone out there implemented a system like this which can perhaps have a backend mobile app which can be used for inputting the data. Any guidance would allow me to look at possible solutions. Perhaps the Webflow website might not be able to interact with data like this but I can always create a link to a service setup elsewhere?

Many thanks



Medical records and protecting patient privacy, complying with governmental requirements is not trivial. Webflow would not be part of a solution other than a tool used for design.

Take a look at this opensource project.


Many thanks for responding - I found a solution that works exceptionally well. - a lot of institutes use this - I setup a test database and it worked flawlessly - there is also a nice responsive embed with login etc - so I will be able to use this in my Webflow project - had a look at the page too - Knack just seems a good fit. THANKS AGAIN :slight_smile: