Restricted Access/Ecommerce

Dear Community,

It would be a pleasure to set my knowledge level to a higher state.

I want to open a shop where only businessmen with a trading license can buy products. Ordinary people shouldn`t be able to sign up without my permission.

Is it right to choose access for specific members only?
I want to check their license before letting them into the shop so they can buy products.
Do I have to connect Webflow with to fulfil my requirements?

I appreciate your help.

Hey Daniel,

You should be able to accomplish that today with Webflow + Memberships.
I haven’t tried this specifically, but I don’t think you’ll find any barriers here;

  • Setup your Webflow e-commerce store, as normal
  • Setup Webflow Memberships BETA
  • Create a Memberships access group “Authorized”
  • Don’t offer any direct links to /sign-up, though the page must be there
  • You’ll invite users only, either through the Designer Memberships section, or using the API
  • Restrict your store pages to that Authorized access group

With this setup, only people you invite will be able to access your store pages.

You can further have an “Apply for access” form, to encourage new registrants, which is just a lead capture form. If you set it up right, e.g. feeding to AirTable, you can then automate invites, by marking verified ones as “Approved”, and doing automation with a tool like

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Hello, I am also interested in something like this for a webflow site I am developing. Basically what I am looking to do is allow anyone to view products on my website but restrict access to purchasing them unless they apply an access code. I dont want users to need to have an account registered just simply have a unique one time user access code that will be given out on cards in person at special events. Is this possible using memberships or another plugin? Thanks!