Maximum number of dynamic pages?

The new CMS is great. On the paid plans, is there a maximum number of say, blog posts/pages in a Collection? Would 500 dynamic posts be “too many”, and/or slow to load?

@Jim_Dandy - great question:

Speed isn’t affected by the number of items in your collections. We have tons of dynamic content on (on the order of 300-400) and each page loads in less than 30ms. We’ve also load tested the CMS on sites that have 100,000 items, and page load times are still in the 30ms range. Hope this helps!


This may have been answered elsewhere… do dynamic pages count against the page count per site?

nope! :smiley: Each collection you make gets its own dynamic template. Go for it!

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Hey @PixelGeek, I just read “500 Dynamic Content items” on the new pricing CMS hosting tab… 15 hours ago you told me it doesn’t count against the page count… and now it appears the CMS has its own limit? @PixelGeek @brryant can you please clarify.

@PixelGeek any news on this? I have a use case which may go far past 500

Yes. You can go higher than 500, but you will need to send an email to for that request.

We have a “soft cap” to keep our servers stable. But we are able to lift the cap slowly for sites that need it :smile: