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Max number of list items per collection displayed: 100

I have tried to change the upper limit of the number of items in my collection list above 100 in collection list settings, but it keeps changing it back to 100. What do I need to do to allow this to exceed 100?


Hi @mwulfe

It is not possible to display more than 100 CMS items on a page at the moment.

Although, the CMS pagination feature is currently in development and should be coming soon!

I have hade the same problem for a while. You have to make a second
lisr starting at item 101

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@JanneWassberg is right! There’s some workarounds with a second collection list or tabs. But keep a look on your load speed :upside_down_face:

You folks helped me awhile back in setting up the format of my collection in neat rows and columns. You even composed a cool video clip to show me how to do it, but I cannot find it and I need it again. I hope you still have access to it. Can you point me to it?


@mwulfe here is a link to one of my live sites.
This page uses 2 lists to be able to display all data-