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Collection List – Front-End Not Showing All Items

I’ve created a collection list of 167 countries in my CMS. My goal is to display all the country names within that list on the front-end of my project. When I use the collection list element to the font-end, add a text block, and bind the country name – it only shows 100 of them.

Has anyone experienced this or have suggestions on how to resolve this issues?

I checked the settings to make sure there was no limit on the list as well.


Section outlined in red on screenshot:

There is a limitation of 100 records per list. The solution is to create 2 lists, and let the second one to start at a certain record number

Hey, @CJ-Oltman! You can do this by combining 2 collections with our F’in sweet CMS Library! :slightly_smiling_face:

@JanneWassberg Thanks for the clarification and solution suggestion!

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