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Form submission limits

Hey guys. I have a webflow site on a Business Plan with Unlimited Form submissions.

Now I want to spin up another site with Unlimited Form submissions, but on the business plan it indicates only 2000 per month?

Has webflow changed their limits? Frustratingly I will have to leave webflow if this is a constraint. :frowning:

Sometime back they introduced new page view limits and form submission limits. I don’t recall it being “announced”.

This is really frustrating. Hopefully they will honour my unlimited form submissions on my previous site.

Adding additional constraints is really going to affect my business. Now I need to invest huge amount of time to port wholesale away, and I LOVE webflow.

I had an offering I was building based around Webflow and after the changes I made the decision to use another CMS for that offering. The good news for me is that the solution is now far more comprehensive since I include lots of other features like multi-site, mult-language, full API, unlimited forms with conditional logic and payments, dynamic grids using Ajax, and collection based search with typeahead, unlimited entries and pages, and dynamic page elements and content, a better editor for clients, better blogging, SEO friendly pagination, and much more. Oh and it’s open source. So clients are getting more features and capabilities and I can offer all of them at a similar price point.

I think Webflow is still a great tool, but for me it is just for light weight marketing sites.

Yes, thats what I’m thinking too.

SPILL THE BEANS Jeff!!! What is this Open Source wonder you talk about?

That is for a a upcoming blog post but here is a hint… 65% CMS market share and +42% for web sites. Usage Statistics and Market Share of Content Management Systems, October 2021

Thanks Jeff, I will investigate!