What if I exceed the max form submissions?

Hello everyone,

I have a CMS plan site and therefore 1000 form submissions included per month. For every other 100 submissions it costs $1. I can’t find anything to enable automatic payment or similar.

So, what happens if I exceed the 1000 submissions? Am I billed automatically for every other 100 submissions? Do I get notified? Are the submissions even lost?



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Questions regarding your account and features are usually best directed at Webflow via the support channel.

Based on my current understanding…

If you exceed the 1000 form submissions included in your CMS plan on Webflow, you will be billed automatically for every additional set of 100 submissions at the cost of $1 each. Regarding automatic payments, typically, Webflow handles overages automatically using your default payment method on file. You shouldn’t need to enable anything special for this.

As for notifications, Webflow usually sends alerts when you’re approaching or have exceeded your plan limits, including form submissions. This helps you keep track of your usage and any additional charges you might incur.

The submissions themselves are not lost. Webflow continues to capture and store form submissions even if you exceed your plan’s limit, ensuring that no data is missed due to overages. Always make sure your payment information is up to date to avoid any service interruptions or issues with overage charges.

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@webdev Thanks a lot for your answer! That helps me a lot :slight_smile:

1The service provider should ideally notify you when you are approaching your submission limit and when you have exceeded it. Notifications may be sent via email, within the CMS dashboard, or through other communication channels.