Many images disappeared

Hi, just realized this morning that my Webflow site (which had been published and working fine for weeks) had many images that had completely disappeared (from multiple pages).

I was able to go into the navigator and find each image element, click on it, and then click little gear icon where the image is supposed to be, and select Choose Image, and then select the image that was previously there.

It looks like it’s fixed for now. However, I have no idea why this happened and I fear it could happen again if I don’t understand the root cause of the problem.

Here’s a read only link… Webflow -

BTW, I’ve referenced posts in this community many times and found the help extremely valuable. But, until now have been just a lurker. I greatly appreciate the help this community has provided though.

Thank you.

Hi, I just checked my site and another image has disappeared since I posted this yesterday. Any thoughts?