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All images gone from my page :O

As the title says; last night the page was fine. Suddenly all images are gone and in the Asset manager there are just a bunch of broken images (see screenshot):

Here’s my read only link

Thank you guys!

Go clean out your cache in the browser and do a clean of the system’s temp. Start > Run > type in TEMP > enter > select all > delete. Start > Run again > type in %TEMP% > select all > delete again.

You can click Skip this process for all.

Restart computer, after restart. Check if they show up. If not, go to the page where the images were supposed to be and check those divs. If nothing’s amiss. Go to Project Settings. Backups. Find the closest date from today (don’t go back far). Restore from like a few minutes from when you shut down last.

If still no go, contact support directly and see if there’s anything corrupt in your account. I had this happen once, and this is what I did.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks; it actually bounced back to life. But I will keep this in mind for “next time”.

Thanks Gary

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