Every image within my CMS collections has disappeared!

Well, the title says it all really.

Since the updates to the CMS platform overnight, every image I’ve used in each of my 150+ blog posts has disappeared from my collections.

I have logged in and out of the site several times, but nothing has changed.

I’m not sure if anyone can see within the CMS section with the read-only link but here it is anyway:

Share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wedesignlondon?preview=edf1390d942f64b91d0b8ea1dd9fcbec


I need to update my website, but I can’t without fear that it will completely clear all images from the CMS section on the site, has it not done so already. If it has, this is an absolute disaster …


Yes, this bug is confirmed. Let’s wait while they do a system restore.

Thanks. Is there another post on the forums stating this issue? I haven’t seen it?

@DanUK1, the same here all my image in CMS gone, but before I noticed, I did an update on my site, and somehow the images do publish!

grtzz Corine

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Should be fixed now. Let us know if it’s still happening after refreshing. :smile:

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