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Do public sites count towards your limit?

I’m on the ‘Personal’ plan and it says I can have up to 20 projects. Does this mean all projects in total or only the ones that I have set to private?

As far as I know, it refers to private sites. This terminology seems to be missing from the pricing page. It used to say unlimited public sites and X private sites based on the plan. Can any staff members chime in? @cyberdave @thesergie

I think all of your sites count unless they can be cloned.

Clonable sites don’t count to your plan limit.

Yup, pretty sure its for 20 private sites and unlimited amount of public sites that can be cloned.

Sorry for the confusion! For personal it’s 20 private projects or public projects that aren’t clone-able. You can have unlimited public clone-able projects. We’ll be updating some of this public-project-stuff soon so it’s simpler.

Thanks for clearing that up. I knew before being public didn’t count but thanks for making it clear that it is now clonable sites that don’t count towards your limit.

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