Make payments to Xero via Webflow

Our client is asking if it is possible to make invoice payments via the website to a Xero account, is this possible to do with the Webflow Ecommerce system? I imagine it would require some sort of customization as there would not be any products involved.

There’s this option too, using Zapier to connect to Xero Connect your Webflow to Xero integration in 2 minutes | Zapier
Has anybody used it successfully?


Hey @grantsenior

I have done something similar before with Shopify and Xero. We used Integromat (Now Make) to accomplish it. All I will say is that it was painful and in the end the customer just decided to manually create the invoices and do payment all through Xero.

However, sounds like you may be looking to do something else? Like taking payment for invoices on a site?

Happy to discuss further and brainstorm if you want to. Feel free to DM.

Usually my clients who use Xero invoices have a payment link directly in the invoice that goes directly through a payment processor- Xero, Stripe, etc. There isn’t a need to have the website involved in that.

You can also integrate a payment page e.g. Stripe or Paypal, or Windcave to take payments. The trick will be allowing customer-entered amounts and invoice #'s for the payment.

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Hi there Drew, thanks for that. I’ve looked a bit deeper into the issue and it looks like the simplest thing to do is just use the Pay Now option that can be added as a button to the Xero invoice (as suggested by Mike below). This seems like the most sensible option and just removes the need to do it via the website.

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Yes, the Pay Now option on the invoice itself looks like the most sensible solution :+1: