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Ecommerce sale to Xero via Zapier

A long shot but has anyone used Zapier to pass transaction information form a Webflow ecommerce sale to Xero accounting software please?

Pretty sure it can be done but it wont be a simple Zapier setup. I’ve done a bit with shopify to xero with both Zapier and Integromat. From memory the Webflow new order zap does not have line item support, so you will have to get your head around the formatter actions.

Also note the Xero integration in Zapier is lacking some actions for underlying api requests like GET online invoice to send a link in an email to a Xero invoice. I am finding it much easier to make use of underlying apis with Integromat as opposed to Zapier.

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Many thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. My client has now asked me to look into Shopify due to the (native?) Xero integration - I assume, from what I’ve read on Xero’s site, that Shopify / Xero integration does not need a third party like Zapier then?

I haven’t used the shopify integration promoted by Xero. I checked the recent review and functionality and ran the other way. I guess with Zapier and Integromat, you have more control and ability to replace many shopify apps. However you have more development time and responsibility for maintenance.

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Hi, thanks for the info. I’ve not tried Integromat before - a lot better calue than Zapier so I may be able to go this route now. Thank you!

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You are welcome. Let me know how it goes.

Just looking at this now for trying to get accurate profit from webflow ecommerce. Did you manage to get integromat to work?