Make Field References Dynamic?

I ran out of fields on a single database, so I tried to hack it by tying two separate databases together. I did this and created two databases with different records and then wanted to tie them together by a dynamic record.

In a mass import, they are just the same static record (abc123). But the field is named the same in both databases.

Once they’re in WebFlow, I would like to make them dynamically tied fields (multi referencing each other).

Is that possible? Do you have to use the API? Is there another way around this?

This seems like a limitation you wouldn’t normally have in a database, but for some reason WebFlow is having trouble.

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Two options;

One - Normally I would create a new field in collection 1, make it multi-reference linked to collection 2. Using the text field as your pointer (your unconnected join field), manually set the value to the correct collection 2 record. Now they are linked.

Two - Use the API to set the multi-reference join. This would require developer skills and a knowledge of the API.

Since I can’t see your project, that is as specific as I can get.