How to create a subdirectory in Webflow for using Wordpress cms

Hi All,

My problem statement is:

The main site is hosted on Webflow. The main reason is that Webflow is design friendly for our designers.

We also have a blog that is live right now and is using Webflow CMS. However, we want our blog to be hosted on WordPress since it is friendly for our editors who maintain the blog content.

Is it possible, and what is the best way to implement this? I have been trying to research this, but I have only found two threads, one three (here) and the other six years old (here), with no solution present in either. I hope things have changed that allow us to have the main site hosted on WF and a subfolder hosted on WP.

Looking forward to your help


Here are a couple of ways I’d consider approaching it. I’ve not tested these and you’re like to find some of them unworkable, but they’ll give you some ideas.

Main site is hosted on Webflow. Wordpress blog is at Your nav ties them together, and your designers style them compatibly.

Blog is managed on wordpress, but using automation like Zapier/Make, you may be able to pick up new articles, edits and deletes, and pipe the content into Webflow’s CMS.
You publish and style it on the webflow site from there, but your editors continue to use Wordpress for their editorial work. No one sees the wordpress site itself.

Can be ugly, and has its tech challenges, but if there was a compelling reason to, you could do something hybrid where you use the FEED-TO-CMS for to pass article titles and Wordpress article URLS to Webflow, but then the actual article display pages have an IFRAME to display the article content from Wordpress. Not recommended.

Webflow is used sometimes to create themes for Wordpress, Shopify themes, etc. This demands a learning curve, but if your Webflow site is static and all the dynamic parts are already on Wordpress, that might be the right option for you.