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Mailchimp Integration - Merge Tags and submission not working

Hi! I’ve created a form on a page called ‘signup’, which is largely the same as on the other forms through my site, except it now has an input for name. I made this my adding my signup form symbol to the page, unlinking it & then adding the extra input fields.

I have the merge tag set up to match on the field name in webflow:

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 10.01.56.png1385x531 54.1 KB

a) the name tag is not being pulled through to mailchimp.

b) I am getting the error message " Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form." When I try to test it out… All of the other forms seem to be functioning fine.

Any advice?

Thanks so much!

My public link is:

Hi @ailsargh made a sample for you here

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Hi @JanneWassberg, thanks for helping!

Could you tell me how your form differs from mine? I have my action URL in and all other settings seem the same.

I am also having a problem with the |FNAME| merge tag pulling through to Mailchimp.

@ailsargh have you tried to remove uour html embeded code

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I can se that your fname is required in MailChimp that could cause a problem

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@ailsargh If the email already is in mailchimp you get the opps… error

Be sure that the email is not already in the list.
Remove the reqired field option for fname in MailChimo

This should work

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Ahh thank you @JanneWassberg the form submission is going through now.

However the First Name ( FNAME) tag is still not pulling through to Mailchimp.

Thanks for you help on this!

I know about the fname problem, did some resarch but did’t want to spend any time on it.

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Sorry @JanneWassberg my replies weren’t coming through from my email address. I did remove this yes, and I don’t see it in the Navigator Panel… do you see that it is still in there?

Okay thank you for the time so far!!

If anyone else knows how to make this work that would be amazing, thanks!

Sorrry not with you??

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The HTML embed code… sorry. You asked if I had tried removing it

I can se the HTML code, is it still working with MailChimp?
What is your remaining problem?

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That’s very strange! I don’t see the HTML embed code

My problem is that the Name field is not pulling through to my mailchimp list:

I have hade the samo problem i did not bather. I will give it 15 min to if i can find a solution

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Thank you @JanneWassberg - I have searched but did not find the solution. I really appreciate your help!

@ailsargh Yes i got it workin !!! first try.

You have ti set the ID for each form to

First option in elements setting

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I still could not get it to work @JanneWassberg :persevere:

My elements settings are like this:

And no name comes through to mailchimp!

Do you have a screen shot of your own that I could check to see I am doing it correctly?

@ailsargh Take a look at my privew link and you can see the setting. I can see the problem. Is the name tag

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AHH!!! I did not realise I had the Merge Tag *| attached to the name!

Thank you so much for your time @JanneWassberg… super helpful! :relaxed:

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