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MailChimp integration doesn't work


I cant get the Mailchimp intergration to work.

I have followed these instructions:

But I only getting an error message when trying to fill out the form.

Here is my site Read-Only:

The form is on the page “Sälj Idrottsrabtten”:

I got it to work.

But is it really a good alternative when you only can register your e-mail once?

Hi, how did you get it to work?

Hey @Erik,

In my opinion the best option for Webflow form to Mailchimp is
I’ve only found frustration by doing it the “classic way”.
Easy and free on zapier, and also so much more fun things to do.
Have a nice day,


I followed these instructions:

But as I found out it is important to name each field label in webflow correctly. In the example below my fields in mailchimp is named: EMAIL, MMERGE2 and so on…So that is what you have to name your fields in your webflow form.

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Yeah Zapier sounds more smooth. But does it solve the problem that you cant register your e-mail more than once?

Nice one thanks I will get it to work!

tell me , but where exactly to insert these labels?

I will be very grateful for the screenshot)

Hi @11125,

I made you a small screen recording you can watch here.
You can customize your Mailchimp fields the way you want, then copy those names into Webflow fields.

Hope it helps :wink:

Thank you)
yes this field I found)
I a little did not understand where in Webflow to enter these rules for this worked)

Ho okay, my bad.
Bellow are screeshot of where to find the Webflow fields.
Hope it helps.

Thank you so much. helped me to solve my problem)

but I still do not come out (can you see what my problem is and what I entered is not true (

Hi @11125,

Sorry for the delay. In your Webflow input name field, do not write *|EMAIL|* but simply EMAIL
Also, from your screenshot, I’m not sure where the birthday comes from for the type field. A type field, if I’m not mistaken is either an email, a plain text, or a password.

Hope that helps.

I have the same problem. Native webflow form just shows success screen, even if the email address has already been registered, and the user does not get double opt-in email. I’ve embeded the MailChimp code in HTML embed, and restyled them, so you get an error notification "this email is already registered. Downside is that I can’t display the success screen I designed in webflow…

I had the same problem, I was just getting the error “oops something went wrong with this form”. Turns out that I had to unselect ‘enable reCAPTCHA’ in Mailchimp, under ‘Audience > Settings > Audience name and defaults’.

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Years late to this conversation but posting in case it helps someone else — my Webflow Mailchimp form integration wasn’t working either. I had all of the merge field labels correctly matched up and couldn’t figure it out.

The problem was that my “Your Company” field type was set in Mailchimp as “website” when it should have been set as “text”.

If you’re having problems with the integration and everything looks good in webflow, try to opt into your form on Mailchimp, just like your subscribers would on your Webflow site.

If it throws up any errors, it might give you some clues as to why the form isn’t populating/integrating correctly.

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I followed Webflow’s official MailChimp tutorial and faced the same “there was a problem” error screen issue over and over.

My solution was stupid and straightforward: I stopped entering generic email “”, which MailChimp appears to reject, and instead used my personal email. It worked right away.

Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to figure out what the issue was for about 3 weeks now.

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Thanks!! after an hour of expletives at the screen I finally realised this was the problem! :slight_smile:

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