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MailChimp error: 1 - Please enter a value

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to get the mailchimp integration to work. I followed the instructions on the main tutorial, but I’m still getting the error in the console as per my title. The form does not submit. I think it’s missing a field?

This is the list fields setting on the corresponding signup form on mailchimp:

Link here:

Please help. Thank you!

Look at the form code you pulled the form action url from. Now look at the input name value for each field. Your webflow form input field name should match. Mailchimp is expecting “email” and your using “email_address”. Give that a shot.

Hi, are you referring to field type, name, merge tag ,or something else that webflow and mailchimp needs to be the same?

Naming the element’s field type doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t use MC. You should try to create a new form identical to the that outlined in the tutorial. Only one field. See if it works.

Found the solution guys.

Of the various different IDs and Names, make sure that THIS:

matches THIS:

I thought that merge tags referred only to email campaigns,but I guess it’s used here for mapping forms as well.

Thanks for the help Jeff. Have a good day everyone.

Your welcome. Glad you have your issue resolved. Mark it as solved if you could.

Hi there, i am having issues with our mailchimp integration. As described by ConstanceTan i receive a “missing value error-message”. So no one ist able to subscribe our newsletter.

Your settings in MC show NAME and FIRMA as required.