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Mailchimp Error

Hi everyone!

I am integrating my form with Mail Chimp based on webflow tutorial and a lot of others topics that I found but I am still having a weird error:

MailChimp error: Please be sure that name fields use alphanumeric characters, commas, dashes, single quotes and periods only

My website is: Home new WIP
My preview link: Webflow - Oya - Site

Some light on this problem? I am really lost here guys

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @APellizzaro, thanks for your post, the field names in Webflow form and the merge fields in the Mailchimp list in Mailchimp need to be the same name, it would help if you can take a screenshot of the field names/merge field names in your mailchimp list in mailchimp to compare how those are set.

Here is also a mailchimp integration tutorial to check the steps: MailChimp form Integration | Webflow University

Hi @cyberdave thank you for your reply!

You are absolute right hahah and I made a mistake with the names, duh!

Now I am getting a new problem with this checkbox, because it always go as active to Mailchimp );

But at least the information are going to Mailchimp. The problem change and this is progress haha if you could help me it will be awesome!


Hi @APellizzaro, thanks for your reply, I am not certain where the checkbox you mention is located, could you help to share which published page link and which form field? If you can help to take a screenshot that will help.