Error integrating Mailchimp form to Webflow

Hi all,

Building my new site - we use Mailchimp for integration. The web form was working in webflow and also works in Mailchimp, however I think the error (‘OOPS, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN SUBMITTING THE FORM’) is potentially coming from these radio buttons on the webflow version.


The mailchimp action url is GO!

Does anyone know what I might have formatted wrong? Apologies first time using this program.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@CharlotteatGO - you need to make sure the names of your fields match exactly with the field names in MailChimp so that the data can be passed between the systems. For instance:

And in MailChimp:

In Webflow the name is FNAME for the first name field, whereas the MailChimp form is expecting the value MERGE1 for the first name field. These need to match.

I think your radio buttons may work as the name of the group and values match between the platforms. But fix that first issue and see what happens.

Ah ok that’s really odd - on mailchimp in my end i see this:
Should I rename the webflow field names?

@CharlotteatGO - I was incorrect, should have checked the network panel first.

Mailchimp is expecting different values in your dropdowns:

jQuery3510965031003131481_1627151898205({"result":"error","msg":"10 - Value must be one of: B2B, Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Financial Services, Fin-Tech, FMCG, Healthcare, IT\/Tech, Leisure & Hospitality, Professional Services, Public Sector, Retail, Sports, Utilities (not Fourth)"})

You can have the labels in Webflow display any way you want, i.e. Fin-Tech could be displayed in the dropdown as Financial Tech but the value has to be Fin-Tech.

These are the values for that dropdown in Webflow:

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Update (by the way thank you @sam-g !) - I’ve just updated all the field names in webflow and it’s still displaying the error.

Thank you!!! We are live and kicking. Thank you so much, now back to building the rest :wink:

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