Why PageSpeed Insights is giving me a lower performance score on mobile compared to desktop

Hi! Everyone,
We’ve designed a creative website which can be found here at hungerhub.com. The website has a static content and for the optimisations we have done

  1. The image assets are compressed.
  2. The video is embedded via lazy loading script.
  3. The typeforms are lazily loaded.
  4. There is no unused JS from the developer side.

When we try testing the home page on [pagespeed.web.dev] (https://pagespeed.web.dev/analysis/https-hungerhub-com/egwyjvnceg?form_factor=mobile) the performance is half in the mobile view as compared to the desktop. Could anyone please share the suggestions ? How to achieve a big performance number on mobile view.

However you would be surprised to see that after testing webflow.com itself on this tool gave us very low score on the mobile view.

Welcome @Abdul_Basit :wave:

Honestly, they list you a bunch of things to fix:

Was there any particular reason you are ignoring those suggestions?

This one looks fairly nasty:

FreshChat, Vimeo, and Google Tag manager are rather large, blocking scripts you’ve added to your site. That’s not Webflow, that’s you :smile:

Beyond that, the Webflow line item is looking large as well at 368ms of blocking before paint to screen.

You’d need to share your project to understand why that is. There could be a ton of different reasons why.

I don’t know how correct the page speed insights is with their term “unused Javascript” but everything listed in there is almost at 3 seconds of page load time.

Opportunities abound!