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Work being randomly reverted

Is anyone else having issues with their work being reverted randomly?

I have been working on several projects. Make a bunch of changes, publish, all is fine…go back to the project and work has been rolled back in time either in the editor or on the site itself.

AKA Losing bits of my work repeatedly and at random. Doesn’t seem to be a common thread to any of it either. 1 or 2 things will revert, everything else will not.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Has this been going on for a while or just today? I’ve had some very unusual rendering bugs suddenly crop up within the past few hours that…now that I think about it, do look like reversions.

This recent reply from Webflow stated this bug had gotten fixed, but perhaps not?

Hi, @Jason_Green!

I’d love to look into this for you. Is it possible for you to share some more information with me?

Can you share you your read only link here? Also, any context you could provide of what you were working on at the time and what didn’t get saved would be helpful.

Thanks so much!

Hi Riley, thank you for the response.

A few things I noticed were definitely not saving were:

  1. Sorting on the FAQ Collection page by Number Smallest to Largest
  2. The Navigation Menu reverted on mobile a couple of times.
  3. Rich text elements that contained copied links kept crashing the site.
  4. Some of the conditional visibility text on the collections kept reverting back to the default text. I think this may have been happening where there is a grid in a grid (The ticket flow steps on the Bottom Left)

There were various other times when I thought “wait I did this already”, but wasn’t keeping tabs on every time it happened.

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