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Looking to upgrade my Webflow plan

Recently I’ve heard about Webflow and I’ve been humbly impressed by the multitude of features that it comes with. Furthermore, I’ve been thinking that it would definitely help me on my freelance tasks for my clients, working mostly on front-end of relatively simple websites (landing pages, company information, etc.).

Thus, I went ahead and tried getting the Personal plan on the monthly cycle but realized it does not let me pay through Paypal. Doing some research around I found out that it is not actually an accepted payment method, but I would still be really interested on using it instead of my credit card. Is there any way I could make it work?

Help would be highly appreciated!

have you tried getting a paypal prepaid card?

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That is USA only it seems, I remember having checked that out in the past. Does Webflow accept debit cards though?

Yes. More information here:

Mhmm, either way as I said I would be interested on paying through Paypal. No luck then? To be honest I would need to get the plan this month as I am on a rather tight deadline. Would it not be possible at least to just pay to export a website, or something along these lines?

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