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Prepaid Credit Card experiences for Account Billing? [Europe/Germany]

I just started to learn webflow and was planning to build a hosted site. But now I’m a bit blocked by the Credit Card only payment option. I’m in Germany and Credit Cards aren’t very common (neither me, nor my client has one). The FAQ states that “Debit Cards” are accepted, too. But after some research I figured out that does not apply to german Girocard, V Pay or Maestro systems.
Moreover the Help/Faq does not mention PREPAID Credit Cards.

Does anyone in the forum have good or bad experiences with (Prepaid) Credit Cards in Germany/Europe?
Or does anyone have a tipp where to get a cheap Credit Card without any hidden costs and selling your soul?

I’d prefer Client Billing, but “Sorry, you have to pay extra bank fees for an evil Credit Card, that you only need to pay for the website” does not sound like a cool sales pitch… And I’d really like confirmation if Prepaid works, so that we don’t have to go on and sign up, fail to use, and cancel ten different Credit Card providers…

Hi @AnTi

I’m UK based and successfully use what is termed a pre-paid card (not sure if classed as definitely debit or credit) without charges to pay for Webflow plans/hosting.

It’s not something I top up as such - just what my online only bank account provides for making payments and purchases.

Hope that helps - but probably best to contact the Support team directly for further advice and to see if you can run a test with your current card?