Looking to pass text value through checkbox form field instead of true / false

Hi there, I have a multistep form with a series of checkboxes that I’d like to only pass through data if checked (“true”).

Currently, with my form field, I only get a list of data: True or False.

I want to pass through text values for each checkbox if users clicked “true”.

Is that possible?

thank you

With the above, you could probably use radio boxes, but yes generally a problem that I haven’t seen a solution to is how to set up a checkbox group that submits a comma-separated list of values selected. At the moment, webflow seems to only be able to handle one checkbox at a time with True or False (or ‘on’ or blank)

@cyberdave, any thoughts on this?

Has this been solved? I need to map form answers with Zapier/Integromat to Salesforce but checkboxes are mapping as true/false in Zapier and on/off in Integromat.

@cyberdave we would love your help here.

By default a checkbox in webflow doesn’t have a value property, you could either use some js to modify the checkbox properties or an embed component where you can customise the value of the checkbox.

Here is the solution to this https://community.zapier.com/how-do-i-3/webflow-form-into-a-google-spreadsheet-8035?postid=33768#post33768

You can copy and paste the code and instead of google spreadsheet you can do the same thing with Airtable. If you have multiple checkboxes on your website you’d have to create multiple steps with the JS code before running the Airtable integration.

The code will basically look for any data value: true and return only the true value. Make sure you map out the js zapier code at the Airtable step and not the webflow form submission. Hope this helps.