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Checkbox: True/False

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently using checkboxes within a form and trying to get the value to be either “true” or “false” when selected.

Right now, when checkboxes are selected the value “on” is submitted in the form data.

Example Below

How can one get checkboxes to return “true” when selected and “false” when not selected?

Thank you!

Hello @J_L did you find the answer ? Because I am also looking for it… I cannot track well my website as it always returns on…


You can use to convert webflow form boolian statements “on” “off” into “true” “false” (or vice versa). This then gets passed into an e-mail, crm, and dashboard.

Alternatively, you can set embed custome code for the checkbox field, though that kind of defeats the purpose of the code free environment.

There are different ways you can implement it