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Passing Checkbox from values to Zapier

Hi guys!

I am trying to pass checkbox values from a form to Zapier. I need more than the true/false values, actually, I need the name of the fields.

I haven’t been able to get more than the boolan values in Zapier for now so I can’t even play with the full data later using the Code app by Zapier.

In the end I want to pass fields with TRUE answers to Airtable.

I think this is helpful for a lot of people out there. I hope someone has donde it already or we can solve it!

Thanks for your help.

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This would be a big help if anyone has found a solution?

I’m working on this as well.
We go one step further - we have made the names of the checkboxes variable (they get it from a collection list, and with an embed block we generate the checkbox names.)

I need to get it to work that each checked item gets into Airtable, as separate records/items.
So i first need to get the name of the checkbox that are true and then add each one to an airtable row.

I’ve come pretty far with Zapier (and also with integromat) - but getting the name is still to hard for me. I don’t know how to capture the name nor how to split it into multiple records.

Hi @cameron2020 and @icexuick!

I managed to do this using a bit of Javascript.

Its a bit messy but it worked out in the end. Here are some screenshots from the zap I used that may help out.

Let me know if it is clear enough! Best.

2020-09-22_17h27_34 2020-09-22_17h29_40

Wow nice!
It’s mostly just copy paste, so pretty doable!

Hey guys, how did you add this step with Javascript? I didn’t find it on Zapier tools

Look for the Code step in Zapier :+1:.