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Allow to change checkbox value

Will Webflow allow to customize checkbox value , so that we can receive an email containing something better than “Checkbox:True” ?

It is especially important due to GDPR.

I’ve added mandatory checkbox which allows people to agree on privacy policy, imagine if my client will ever be asked to provide a copy of consent to GDPR inspector, the “Checkbox:True” doesn’t have much legal force.

If it could be changed to something like “User agreed to privacy policy” it would be much better

Hey Dmitry. Did you find a solution for this. The MailChip GDPR box wants a “Y” in the value field, and there’s no way to set that.

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Hey Jonathan, I did it in a super tricky way with Integromat , Google Sheets, Gmail and other crazy stuff haha. But it works and it’s free (unlike Zapier, where it must be easier), unless you will have a big chunk of interactions like this.

Here is the Integromat blueprint, which you can import in Integromat by clicking on Scenarios on the Menu, then Create New Scenario blue button on the right, then skip the selection of the services and then click three dots in the bottom scenario menu and click import

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 19.41.52

Then all you have to do is to add connections to your Webflow and Google account by clicking on the Webflow, Google Sheets and Gmail icons and setting them to your accounts,

Then change the specific items from Webflow form to yours, you need to create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets and select it in the Google sheet icon in Integromat, then you right click on the webflow icon and click “Run this module only” it will run it and sync the form date, which you can then input to the google sheet, then text parser (orange icon with brackets) gets a specific field from the sheet where you can replace it with a specific text you want.

Then I created additional sheet in the spreadsheets, and write the data after the parcer to another table, then I added a 60 second delay to wait while all that happens, then I read that range from the second sheet in Google sheets and then final step is sending all that amended data with Gmail.

It may be a bit tricky first, but if you go step by step it should be obvious I hope.
Most likely there is an easier way, without all that craziness but I am not a programmer and I did it the way I could. I hope this helps and works for you.

For your specific case Google Sheet will look somewhat like that

Probably it will be easier to use my blueprint only as a reference and start one by one otherwise it is confusing.

Here is the main logic in all that :

  1. You create a webflow connection to your form, and then run your scenario, then you go to your website and send yourself an email
  2. You go back to integromat and you will see a little (1) in a circle near the Webflow, if you click on that and then click on the plus near the +Data: you will see the fields of your form
  3. You create a sheet with the same fields as your contact form has , first row will be titles, other rows will be empty for now, then you create sheet2 with same titles
  4. You add a router
  5. Then you add a text parser to the router and modify each Google Sheet cell in a text parser, where you will replace the needed text with a specific text you need, like “true” to “Y” in your case. If you only need to change one, then you only have one parser, and you don’t need a router
  6. After each parser you write the value to a specific cell in your Sheet2. You know the letter of your cell by simply looking at your table for that specific cell, and then the row number you take from the previous Google sheet step like soScreenshot 2020-10-20 at 20.50.04 so like that you replace the cell with the same letter and same row as the initial cell created in Sheet1 in Step 3.
  7. You add a delay to the router, or if you don’t have a router then to the google sheet step (first one right after Webflow)
  8. You read a range from Sheet2 in the second to last Google Sheet action specifying the range from A to the last letter in your table, like A to H and then you add Arownumber:Hrownumber
  9. Then in the last Gmal step you can use all the specific data like Name, Email from Webflow first step and all your corrected fields from your Sheet2

May be overwhelming, but its just logics and step by step

Hey Dmitry, I think we may be related! :wink: I like the way you solve stuff.

That’s really an amazing solution. In fact, we do have an active Zapier account, and considering the working connection to MailChimp, we might give that a try.

But your Integromat blueprint is certainly an inspiration and we’ll bear that in mind.

Thanks so much for sharing your solution. Glad to see there are people who can make stuff work.

All the best


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Thanks a lot Jonathan :slight_smile: Yes, I think it can be much easier in Zapier, for example use their Formatter for Text and then use find and replace , to find “true” and replace it with Y. Basically that’s it haha :slight_smile: