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Pass Text Data Through Webflow Forms (Checkboxes)

I have a series of checkboxes in my form that I’d like to only pass through data if checked (“true”).

I want to only pass through text value for each checkbox if they are clicked “true”. Otherwise, I do not want that text value to be passed through.

Currently with my form field, I only get a list of data: True, False, True, True. For example, instead of receiving this from the field:

(FROM THIS) Field:Interested in Financing, Data:True
(TO THIS) Field:Financing, Data: Interested in Financing

@caleb have you been able to solve it? I have the same problem.

Tom, you can do two things:

  1. Use radio buttons, instead of checkboxes - This is a single select mechanism so you can’t get multiple
  2. Use zapier with custom Javascript - In Zapier, you can tell it to only pass through if “true” and then define what “true” means, based on the selection name
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