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Looking for honest feedback

Hi everyone, I was wanting for some of you to take a look at my site I built with Webflow AND another version I built with WordPress. I would like to get the honest opinions of the users here on which one you prefer, and if it’s not too much too ask, “why” you like you better than the other.

Here is the webflow version:
Also, here is the url:

Here’s is one I just built with WordPress:

I’m not 100% done with the WP version so keep that in mind. There may also be some touchups i’ve overlooked on tablet / mobile.

Thanks in advance!

I liked the Webflow one better because it was a more different layout and I liked how you used the 3D stuff for the projects.

Because when I looked at the Wordpress site it was just the casual blocks. I also liked the layout more in Webflow, the one in Wordpress looked like it was the layout all websites are structured in.

I would also like to note that in your Wordpress site the image that is supposed to be fixed freezes the site and when it doesn’t, when you scroll it does not move until you stop scrolling and then it gives the parallel affect. Pretty much safe to say it lags a lot.

Other than that both sites look good. Although I would work on the Blog section of the Webflow site.

Hope this is good feedback. :grinning: I tried to be as much not biased as I could. :wink:

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Thanks for the reply Vlad. I really appreciate you taking the time to look and reply.
Yeah, the parallax on the WP site is a bit glitchy, and it’s irritating. I could use the CSS option instead (although that isn’t “true” parallax, but then again, true parallax is missing from Webflow as well).

One thing I love about webflow is that the layout and design is pretty much only limited to my imagination. WordPress with Divi does not give this. And I LOVE the fact that we have access to 3D animations.

However, what I love about Divi is the premade modules. I would love to see lots more in Webflow. Also, I don’t have to take timing messing with padding / margins.

Another thing is that things like audio player widget, E-Commerce, newsletter campaigns, A/B Testing, and any other bell or whistle I might ever need is right at my fingertips as a part of the platform or 3rd party plugin.

Wordpress site:

  1. has issues with responsivenes
  2. looks more standard and kinda boring
  3. easier to put together
  4. cheaper

Webflow site:

  1. looks more creative
  2. has animated elements
  3. take more time to create
  4. more expensive

Whatever we will tell you, I think inside your head you already made your decision. If that decision is still not obvious, maybe you could just pick the most important ( for you) option from these lists below and stick to that.

Probably there is no such web builder which would contain all the best options that you want… Or maybe you need to try something like Wix.

Best regards,

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@sabanna I think what you were meaning to say is instead of whenever, *whatever. Or am I mistaken? :wink:

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Yeah, you are right. Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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Sabanna, both sites have animated elements, not just the webflow version, but the animations are disabled on mobile unfortunately.

As for responsiveness, if there is an issue it’s because I overlooked something.

Regarding which is easiest to put together, the WordPress site was a bit easier ONLY because it has more prebuilt modules out of the box and a good starting point for spacing. But in the long run, WordPress sites are not easier to keep up.

As for the WP site being cheaper, sure, but IMO it doesn’t look any “cheaper” or more boring. I wouldn’t put up anything I wasn’t happy with. Despite the 3d animations here, I think that my Divi built site looks more professional. And the wording is higher caliber (but that’s because I can offer features to my clients that I can’t if I stay here, such as A/B testing and Opt-in Campaigns with pre-built templates).

I’m definitely leaning towards deleting all of my websites here and closing my account for good. I thought I would reach out for some feedback before I do commit to leaving.

Hey @GodlessGlen. I checked out both sites and was curious about the different pricing models. Are these models that you’re actually using? If so, how is it the “pay what you want” model working?

I’ll let you know after some time. I just started using it. I am going to put this on my car and market it this way too so I suspect I will do better.