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Layout Suggestion

I know the team at webflow is bombarded with ideas on things to add or change. I have a number of ideas too, but today, I just want to focus on one.

I wish that Webflow was not only drag and drop but also provided “stress-free” layouts. For example, I can use Divi by Elegant Themes, and drag and drop myself Wordpress website.

Here is the major difference between these two platforms (beside the fact that Divi is only for Wordpress): I don’t have to worry about settings like positioning, such as auto, static, relative, and absolute. I don’t have to worry about floats and clears. I don’t have to worry about whether or not a section of my design is going to somehow overlap another (in fact, I have a current issue with this exact issue and can’t get it fixed and haven’t had anyone respond to me in the forum).

Because of how webflow is built, sometimes layouts can take a lot longer than needed to layout a website. Usually after a hour or two of not being able to find a solution, I will post something in the forums. But… as many of you know, sometimes things go unanswered or the feedback didn’t fix the issue, and sometimes it takes days to get a response. Meanwhile, that project you are working on is in limbo.

I am offering all of this because I truly want to help make this platform better. In my opinion, no one should have to waste that kind of time finishing a website simply because they are stuck with things like this. There has got to be a better way! Eliminating the need to have to worry with this is the top wish of mine for Webflow.

I get it, Webflow is essentially a visual way of writing code, but I just want to build websites. I would rather not have to take the time to go learn the fundamentals of writing HTML / CSS just to do what I want to do. I just want to sit down, create what I’m envisioning in my head and NOT have to worry about the other stuff.

Webflow, can this be a reality?

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can you point me to the forum post you mention?

Hi Robert. Thanks. Here it is: Need Idea For How to Best Structure An Uncommon Layout

so you are looking for an IMPORT feature.

If so… +1 on that.

OK are you struggling with the floats at the end… I set the overflow to hidden and it solves the overlap but I am guessing you don’t want this? Can you elaborate more on the problem and more specifically what it is exactly you are trying to achieve?


Yeah. I’m not wanting the overflow to be hidden. I want to have the section be as large as it needs to be to fit the six photos with no white space at the bottom and no overlap the next area. None of the changes I made ever worked.

OK looking at the html and the CSS it appears the div block you have the floats nested in has no class name can you do this for me and republish? :smile:

Actually scratch that I have looked closer and you need to do a fair bit to get this going… I am at work just now so can’t really pull it to bits. But will when I get home and advise as necessary :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have made it public and clone-able for the time being.

OK thats great but can you post the link to the public site for me?

Sure! Here’s the link:

Is this what you are after? <---- clonable link :slight_smile:

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Yup! Thanks. Now if I could just figure out a workaround to have section’s background image transparent but not everything else.

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Ok I find myself asking what do you mean transparent?

I meant semi transparent. I wish webflow had an option to set the opacity of the background image.

So under effects you can set opacity… is that not what ur after? Select the element you wish to change the opacity on :slight_smile:

When I do that it lowers opacity for everything in that block.

Not getting you here as your background images have already got their opacity set… I must be missing the point. Can you be more specific?

Right. I lowered the opacity to illustrate how I want the background to look. However that comes at the expense of everything else having its opacity lowered too.

Something funky going on here with the order of your elements. If you move the elements up through the tree they show without opacity. But it breaks the design obviously…

Let me fiddle :smile:

OK some questions… Why have you decided to design the whole thing this way? Is there a specific reason as I can’t figure why you would take the road you have.

For instance.

I would do the header as a section
I would do each part as a section with two columns
Then add the content to the columns

It wouls achieve the same layout be less problematic and would achieve the same display :slight_smile: Is there a specific reason? Do you want me to do it as I would and then you can see for yourself?

Let me know :slight_smile: