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Looking for a systematic way to learn webflow

I’ve been working with rebuilding a website using one of the video tutorials and learned a lot from it, but found I did not retain it all, so I’m doing it again.

I was just wondering, however, if there is a recommended sequence of videos to work with.

Also, I’m curious regarding those who learned webflow on their own. How did you learn to use it and how long did it take?


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it depends on your background. If you already understand the basics of HTML and CSS, the learning curve is dramatically lower than for someone who doesn’t understand HTML and CSS.

What’s your skill level with web design in general?

I have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML and could make simple pages from scratch. I was also working on learning javascript. I abandoned my working on studying these three as I became familiar with webflow.

I suppose I would consider myself to be an intermediate or advanced beginner?

Then this may help you out:

Also, there are some people on the forums that are available for 1-on-1 paid tutoring. Just post a thread asking for help :slight_smile:

Are there any other rebuild videos similar to the Atlas rebuild? There was another site to rebuild but the link to the page did not work. Can the assets for these projects still be downloaded or do they need to be copied and pasted from the websites?

I would still be interested in hearing from those who learned weblow regarding how long it took and what they did to learn it.


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Where can I find this website?

Hi @vernon, I came a code-only background, and like you said you have basic understanding of HTML + CSS and could build from scratch, the link posted by Pixel should suffice to get you really going.

It took me about 7 full days to really get a hang of exactly how Webflow could work for me, and from there I was able to do wonders.

I started off like this:

  1. Went through the Getting Started Video Tuts
  2. Went through the Interactions Tuts
  3. Experimented like crazy with them to see how results could be achieved
  4. Saw flexbox implementation (didn’t know jackshit about flexbox (beside hearing all the hype about it), went on to try it out using the text based tutorial.

It will take some time and perseverance, but once you get it, it’s totally worth it.

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When I teach a member of my team Webflow, I have them do the Getting Started video series, linked above. I then have them follow the “Building Weblfow in Webflow” video and build it along with the video.

After trying a couple different methods, this seems to work best. The first site usually is built with a lot of needless divs. But it is great to see how quickly they learn with each site / element they create. The largest hurdle for most people is not Webflow, but how to think responsively.

Thank you. I’m going to try to build that webflow site. Do you know where I can get the images, etc.?

It’s their old website, so I’m not sure where to get the source files. I just have them use placeholder graphics from

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