How to learn to be a good web designer

How to you get to be good at it?

All the tutorials about “design” are about how to put things in the right boxes, with the desired colors and typefaces, etc., but one could be a webflow expert and still make websites that look ugly or clunky.

I have a photography background and have some sense of design, but I often see website designs that are waaaay out of my league.

Whats the best way to get to that point? Does it help to try to reproduce a website?

If I never get to the point where I’m happy with my design work, is it very costly to have a designer do a mockup in sketch or a similar program and then work from there?

Hello @vernon

In my personal point of view I believe that everything is about creativity and experimentation. When I first started using webflow I created really awful sites, then I started to asked the same question to myself and then I took a small graphic design course (nothing really happened with that) so I started to replicate sites from other designers to understand how they did it.

I don’t consider myself a great designer but I think I’m learning and the more time I spend learning you’ll become a better designer, person, etc.

And as I mentioned at the very beginning, experiment! You have a great tool at your service (Webflow) do crazy stuff and see if that is what you want and if not start over again, at some point you’ll realise what is that you’re looking for.

These are my 2 cents on the matter and I hope this gives you and idea and helps you.

That`s the great advice, thanks!

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