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I find it very difficult to learn Webflow

Hello Webflow! I am a former Muse user - and I have now been trying to learn Webflow from Webflow University for some months. And is also a paid user on Webflow. But, unfortunately, I have to say that I don’t understand so much the way Webflow is learning. They speak very quickly, and since I am not English speaking, it is difficult for me to understand and they don’t go into detail. Particularly, it is “Collection” that I find very difficult to understand the way they teach it? - Are there no tutorials out there that teach better than Webflow? I learned Adobe Muse at and it was FANTASTIC - I was through all tutorials on “” and it was so nice to be able to get the same files that worked on on my own computer. And I learned quickly. So I’ve done a lot of Adobe Muse sites . But learning Webflow is not easy? - Where to get help ?? Thanks a lot for answering me :grinning:


This is another potential learning channel

The thing is webflow education is we are learning both the software and the underlying html, css principals. The upside is we are learning some good non software platform specific skills to a degree. eg. Grid is a great tool across the web not just in webflow.

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If you want to learn webflow you should follow the university and try to create the examples - not only “watch” (Follow the videos & workshops - create page X from scratch). Muse its very very easy software (Like basic WIX) - Conversely, webflow Leaning on semantic/valid HTML/CSS (So the learning curve is longer).

Also, any tutorials for basic HTML/CSS can help (Flexbox, styles, typo and so on) + Get inside the free templates and learn the structure (Most templates with CMS blog).

Last on youtube you find a lot of un-official tuturials.

Anyway, webflow university is really great. Try to create basic blog by the CMS - and ask her for help.


Thanks a lot Siton! So I have to learn HTML/CSS first?

Thank you so much HammerOZ. I shall look at this link. But I can see it cost :frowning:

Also, some webflow university lessons are more complete than others and include project assets to clone such as

Ok. Thanks a lot HammerOz. I will look at your link you provided :slight_smile:

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By the way Siton_Systems, where do I learn HTML/CSS quickly and only the things what is relevant for me so I can start learning Webflow? Thank you so much :blush:

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You can start here >

You need the basics, the principles. When starting I was watching a lot of Webflow workshops >

The workshops will help you a lot.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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In my humble opinion there is no such thing as learning Webflow. Webflow is a (visual) html/css/js tool. (And a darned good one) One should have a basic understanding of these languages and then Webflow is very easy to work with.
I would suggest you dive into that first and at the same time play with Webflow to master what you’ve learnt.

Riding a motor bike is difficult too if one has never ridden a bicycle before :pray:


I totally agree! The first thing is knowing some basic html and css.


I really enjoyed learning webflow but, like everyone said, I did understand CSS. At least the basics. Just watching the videos was overwhelming at first. Once I went through the 101 course, I watched the videos on building the portfolio and agency websites.
The way I did it was watch the videos and then watch again and follow along step-by-step. Pausing the video and doing the thing shown.


What also really helps - and by the way is an overlooked jewel of Webflow - is the ability to open all templates and showcased projects. It helped me.


I totally agree with you. I’m pretty new to Webflow. I’m a designer, and I have no knowledge on CSS/HTML. I had a tight deadline and had to make my website as I designed. It nearly took me 60 hours to learn and create the whole site in a week.

What I did:

  • Came up with whole website design plan
  • I watched all collection video
  • Ask the community almost every time if I couldn’t find the result online. people here are so nice and replied me almost every time. Sometimes they also made video clips for me to show how to fix using my site. You have to share your website view link though.
  • Looked at similar template that I wanted to create and copied it to my site (idk if this is good for naming your div and stuff though)
  • There are more tutorials for details features on youtube by Webflow.

Something that will probably enlighten HTML/CSS is the box model video, it clearly explains how websites are built. If the video goes by too fast you can just read down below. I find that reading after watching is very efficient. If you backtrack on that linnk you’ll find very instructive videos/guides on web concepts.

I’d be happy to help if there’s anything you’d need help with specifically!


Thanks a lot, EJ_Byun. Only 60 hours to learn Webflow? That was very fast. You are fantastic!!! Yes I have to start first to learn the basics as html and css, the principles. I think it looks difficult

Hi again HammerOZ :blush: Here is over 130 episode. Which one shall I start with? Could you please let me know? I also want to learn Collection, which I find difficult too… Thank you so much :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am also ex Adobe Muse user, and I very please what can I archive with Webflow builder.


The keyword is time.

I also found it useful to watch videos that showed how to create different webpages. Check out Pixelgeek. :slight_smile:

Fantastic!!! Very nice job :blush: